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Sunday, 25 March 2012

NET EFFECT The Algeciras Mayor Jose Ignacio Landaluce, and Chief Minister Fabian Picardo as the former is greeted at No 6 on their first ever contact in person.

 Algeciras Mayor Jose Ignacio Landaluce, not usually one short for words, barged past the GBC and Chronicle press net yesterday as he drove out of the No6 Convent Place car park following a 90 minute meeting with the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo on the Spanish fishing question. Technical meetings are now expected to be held to explain the legal position to the fishermen themselves. “Enforcement of Gibraltar laws is a purely independent matter for the Royal Gibraltar Police,” said Mr Picardo after the meeting at which he had explained to Sr Landaluce that the law that affects fishing methods has been in place since 1991. Mr Picardo stated that the position is clear. “Nobody can come here to fish, Gibraltarian, French, Spaniard, German or otherwise in breach of our laws.”   Yesterday’s meeting was held at Sr Landaluce’s request to Mr Picardo, made Tuesday evening. It has resulted in the Gibraltar Government restating that environmental laws are a matter for the police and that the Government does not have powers under the Constitution to instruct the police on enforcement. However a technical meeting between Gibraltar officials and the fishermen is being arranged and Mr Picardo emphasised that there is no policy to interfere with any legal fishing activities, in essence methods that do not use outlawed nets. LEGAL ISSUE The two men agreed to the issue of a joint statement and Mr Picardo later told reporters that co-operation remains very much on the agenda. Sr Landaluce is an influential member of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Madrid parliament. His flurry of seaborne activity, which involved him sailing into Gibraltar waters on Tuesday evening on a fishing vessel which moved on at the request of the Royal Gibraltar Police Marine Section, comes just ahead of this Sunday’s elections for seats at the Junta de Andalucia. Mr Picardo said that the agreement not to hold a press conference afterwards reflected their desire to get a message to concerned or “excitable” citizens that the Government is making clear it is not responsible for the enforcement of the laws of Gibraltar and that this is not a political issue. “Our laws don’t prohibit all fishing,” he said pointing out that only fishing that goes against the Nature Conservation policy and Nature Protection act is being controlled. “I think, before we have arguments about things, I think we should understand what the law provides for and what it prohibit. That is what we want to facilitate for by the technicians from the Ministry of the Environment meeting with the fishermen.” Mr Picardo said that he had been clear in the meeting that the laws of Gibraltar have to be observed. Whilst all fishing with nets is prohibited other methods could be used. He also suggested that there should be reciprocity for people from Gibraltar in Spanish waters in any fishing arrangements. “What we will not tolerate is the selective application of Gibraltar law without having something to say about it as politicians.” He also recognised that though not identical Gibraltar laws are very similar. “There is a commitment in our manifesto to progress down the route of licensing of fishing and diving etc and that is to come. We are not going to shy away from that. We think we are doing it for the right reason which is environmental protection. That protects fishing stocks for everyone,” said the Chief Minister. Spain, he said, protects its own coast where there are also nurseries. MEETING The Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia and the Minister for the Environment and Health Dr John Cortes were also present at the meeting in No6. It was described as a cordial encounter. The statement issued later said that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the policy of the GSLP/Liberal Government in relation to the question of fishing in Gibraltar waters in general and the enforcement of the Nature Protection Act in particular. “The Mayor wanted to explore the possibilities that exist for the fishermen to continue making a living. The Chief Minister explained the policy of the Government and emphasised the point that the enforcement of the law is a matter for the Royal Gibraltar Police adding that the Government does not constitutionally have the power to instruct the Police on operational matters of this kind. He added that the position of the Government is that the application of the law should be equal for everyone and it is not acceptable that it should be tolerated that certain groups or nationals should be above the law.” “ In pursuance of understanding of the law, it was agreed with Mr Landaluce that representatives of the fishermen potentially affected will meet with technical officers of the Ministry of the Environment in order for them to understand what exactly Gibraltar law provides for and prohibits. It was also agreed to put the fishermen’s representatives in touch with the Commissioner of Police so that they can understand the independent nature of law enforcement in Gibraltar. The Chief Minister also reaffirmed that the development of good neighbourly relations with Spain and with the people of the Campo de Gibraltar was a priority for the new Government,” said the statement.



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